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24 February 2010 @ 01:17 am
Welcome to Daily "Jack the Lad"!
your daily source for everything Jack O'Connell

Every day there will be a picture of Jack posted here by the mods (and members if you'd like to post one).
You'll also get daily clips, quotes, fanart, news, interviews and more of Jack.

All posts are members only, and membership is open.
Comment on this post with any concerns, suggestions or affiliation requests.

01. No bashing of Jack O'Connell, obviously.
02. Large images (over 500px in width) must go behind a cut.
03. Every post must feature at least one Jack O'Connell picture (note: picspams & gifs can count as that one picture as well)
04. No icon posts or Cook fanvid posts for now
05. Feel free to post as often as you'd like!
06. Also, don't repost any of the more "rare" pictures on here to other communities.